Lindfield (II)

A heritage listed home on Sydney north shore, the understated French style is inviting, modern and timeless.

This decoration project focused on the sitting room, hallway, three bedrooms, kitchen and outdoor area. It included customised occasional chairs and custom rugs in the sitting room and hallway. 

Antique furniture was sourced adding depth to the sitting room and guest room, including as 18th century armoire, studded chest and accessories. 

Layers of bedding and full length window treatments add a touch of luxe simplicity, while the children’s rooms have been designed to suit them throughout their toddlerhood and beyond. 

Colours chosen throughout the space are in blues, greys and whites.

A collection of thoughtfully arranged antique treasures have been mounted on a ‘3D wall’ in the kitchen, conveying a sense of longevity. A 19th century corkscrew for opening French oaked barrels sits alongside framed blackboards and cheeseboards, creating a corner that is both functional and beautiful.